Client Reviews


The best mediator I’ve dealt with

"Rob is the best mediator I’ve personally dealt with. He has excellent communication skills and was very personable."

– John O. (Client)


I’d recommend him to anyone

"Rob is a great mediator. He has a calm demeanor and it helped my former spouse and I feel comfortable working through our issues. Both parties feel heard. I’d recommend him to anyone!"

– Christian J. (Client)



Hands down the most professional, helpful and respectful human I’ve met in the law field. I highly recommend Rob If you are needing a mediator. Trust me, he is the BEST!

– Brooke (Client)



Rob is a fantastic mediator for domestic relations issues. He expresses an empathy that really helped my client feel understood. I highly recommend Rob for this ability.

– Dan Spencer (Attorney)


Great mediator!

Great mediator! Helped us resolve our issues quickly & efficiently.

– Mace (Client)


Efficient and non-partisan

Very well conducted and efficient. Nonpartisan and also was able to keep environment calm and fair.

– Dan (Client)


Our go-to guy

Rob is one of the best mediators in Utah. Whether it's custody mediation, divorce mediation, or any other situation, he has become our office's go-to guy.

– Jen Tanner (Law Office Manager)


Solid, fair, and firm

Rob was an absolute delight to work with. He is most personable and his approachable demeanor compliments his solid, fair, and firm decisions in any mediation situation.

– Kevin (Client)


Fantastic mediator!

He is very good at de-escalating a high conflict situation to get the parties to agree to something reasonable. Highly recommend!

– Leilani Whitmer (Attorney)


Does a great job

Rob is professional and does a great job as a divorce mediator. I will continue to use his services.

– Scott Weight (Attorney)


Very professional

Rob was very professional and able to settle my case without going to court.

– Lenore (Client)


Gained rapport quickly

He understood the issues, gained rapport quickly, and worked hard to help the parties try and resolve all of their issues. I definitely recommend Rob.

– Justin Caplin (Attorney)

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