Pricing & Policies

Hourly Rate

$180 per hour. The fee is split evenly between the parties, unless agreed upon otherwise in writing.

For parties who are clients of Legal Aid Society or Utah Legal Services, a special fee or fee waiver may be arranged.

Minimum Fee

For half-day sessions, there is a minimum fee of $360 - the equivalent of two hours' time.

For full-day sessions, there is a minimum fee of $720 - the equivalent of four hours' time.


Because mediations are typically booked weeks in advance, there is a cancellation fee for mediations that are cancelled within 5 business days of when they are scheduled to take place. The cancellation fee is equal to the minimum fee for that session – $360 for a half-day session and $720 for a full-day session. The fee is split between the parties.

If the mediation is rescheduled rather than cancelled, the cancellation fee may be waived.


Prior to beginning mediation, all parties involved must sign an Agreement to Mediate. That agreement can be found here:


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